Books to read over the Kadayawan holidays

AS EARLY as the first week of August, Davao City is already buzzing with activity and excitement in preparation for the Kadayawan Festival. With so many events organized, there’s no doubt that streets, malls, and other establishments would be packed with tourists, locals, and even celebrities. But if you wish to celebrate a quiet Kadayawan … Read More

81. Quiet book for Ruby – handmade by Petra Radic, My Felting Dreams

Best Books for JAIIB 2019 – Best Reference Guide

Dollar Tree Haul | New Adult Coloring Books Food Items & MORE!!!!

10 Books to Read Over Thanksgiving Break

Some people might think Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, but bookworms know better. It’s actually the perfect time to catch up on some much-needed reading time. No matter what your Thanksgiving holiday looks like, we have a book that will make your vacation more satisfying than ever. Here’s our list of the biggest books to … Read More

Weekly Picks for New Comic Books Releasing January 30, 2019

Books to read recommended by famous scientists

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10 Books to Read This October 2018

10 Books to Read This October 2018 10 Books to Read This October 2018 October is such an exciting month for bookworms out there as a lot of bestselling authors make their comeback, giving us probably the best releases to date. Whether you’re up for some Halloween read, or looking to learn new perspectives about … Read More

Martin Books – Liquid (ENDRU edit)

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